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Family Life Education (FLE)

The Family Life Education (FLE) lessons are taught in grades 6-10 through our Health & Physical Education classes.

The goals of our FLE curriculum are:

  • to ensure wholesome attitudes toward all aspects of human development
  • to aid individuals in making educated and responsible life decisions
  • to continue to enhance the importance of the family unit and its role within the community
  • to create an environment which will foster the development of positive, self-assured individuals who will eventually become responsible, productive members of society.

View the Fauquier County FLE objectives for grades 6-10

Parents/guardians may choose to opt their student out of the Family Life curriculum. Students who are opted out of the program will be given alternative educational activities and will NOT be penalized in any way.

If you have questions or concerns about FLE content or how lessons will be delivered to your 6th-10th grade student, the BEST thing to do is reach out to your child's teacher! Parents are welcome to observe class instruction, so please contact your child's teacher and/or principal ahead of time to make arrangements. If you would like to review FLE curriculum materials, please contact Linda Correll, Instructional Supervisor for Science & Physical Education.