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All children can learn math!  They learn math by exploring, investigating, observing and making connections with their lives and their needs.  Math is a tool for engineering, technology, science and understanding their world.  Math takes the problem and helps find, explain and make sense of the solution.

We each learn to understand mathematics through Virginia's Process Goals.  

Students will:

  • Become mathematical Problem Solvers who are able to recognize and create problems from real-world data and situations, and then apply appropriate strategies to determine acceptable solutions.
  • Communicate their thinking and reasoning using the language of mathematics.  Students learn to describe and defend their ideas with precision and conviction, while at the same time, learn to question and debate with others.
  • Reason mathematically in order to predict, test, evaluate and justify their thinking.  Number sense, proportional and spatial reasoning are essential.
  • Make Connections and build upon prior knowledge to relate concepts and procedures from other disciplines in their education and their lives.
  • Represent and describe their ideas, generalizations, and relationships using physical, visual, symbolic, verbal and contextual representations.

Learning Loss and Mathematics

The VDOE has launched a new initiative to help support learners in K-12 with learning loss due to the pandemic.  Parents may apply for scholarships that will help pay for tutoring services.  Please visit the VDOE website to learn more.  UPDATE!  VDOE has received the maximum number of applicants.  Please check back periodically to check for a new window of applications.

FCPS1 understands that there are many children in our community that have suffered learning loss in mathematics from the pandemic.  Part of our Algebra Readiness Funds from the VDOE are utilized for scholarships to Mathnasium for 8-12 weeks.  There, the students work directly with math support in a one-to-one environment.  We will be posting the newest round of scholarship applications for this fall soon!

Math Acceleration in Fauquier County