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Elementary & Middle School Science

Our elementary and middle school science curriculum takes students on a tour of physical and life science themes that include: Forces & Motion, Matter, Living Systems & Processes, Earth & Space Systems, and Earth's Resources. Opportunities to practice scientific and engineering practices such as experimental design, data collection/analysis, and communicating results are woven in at each grade level. The textbooks used and specific topics covered are listed below. 

For more information about these topics, please visit the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning for Science page or contact Linda Correll - Instructional Supervisor for Science, Health, and Physical Education.

For information about our high school offerings, please visit our High School Science page. 

Textbook Information

  • Grades K-5: Exploring Science All Around Us (2nd Edition) by Five Ponds Press - adopted June 2022
  • Grades 6-8: Virginia Elevate Science (1st Edition) by Savvas Learning Company - adopted June 2022

Science Topics