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Virtual Programs

Alternate Routes to Course/Credit Completion in Fauquier County Public Schools

Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) believes that the optimum learning environment is face-to-face instruction between the student and a qualified, effective teacher. Face-to-face instruction more ably ensures that students’ varied learning needs are met and that their motivation to learn and engagement in the content are enhanced by a sense of belonging, encouragement, and accomplishment. Further, the completion of face-to-face coursework offers opportunities for on-going intellectual discourse that virtual environments may not provide. Blended instruction, a combination of face-to-face and virtual instruction, is another condition where these learning benefits might also be present.

Some conditions exist, however, which may limit a student’s access to any face-to-face instruction and to the array of programs offered to the majority of FCPS students. When this occurs, FCPS offers the following virtual options for its students.

Students Enrolled in the FCPS Virtual Academy, (Grades K-12)

In the fall of 2021, Fauquier County Public Schools opened a full-time virtual academy for students entering grades K-12 who wish to learn online. The FCPS Virtual Academy is intended to function as an additional, separate K through 12th grade program.

The FCPS Virtual Academy gives K through 12th grade students the opportunity to take courses and earn credits virtually while receiving instruction from the Virtual Virginia Platform. Virtual Academy students continue to be enrolled in their designated base school and are able to participate in athletics and activities at that school. Students must be accepted through the application process in order to enroll in the FCPS Virtual Academy.

For more information, visit or email

Students Enrolled in Southeastern Alternative School (SAS), (Grades 7-12)

Virtual Program Offered: Edgenuity

These are content-driven online courses where students may enroll in the program at any time for completion.

Student Eligibility: open only to students:

  • who apply to and are accepted into SAS’ s alterative learning day program students; or
  • placed by the Superintendent or School Board in the SAS Re-Focus afternoon program.

Cost: free to eligible students

Students Enrolled in a FCPS High School (Fauquier, Liberty, or Kettle Run)

Virtual Program Offered: Virtual Virginia

This is an instructor-driven virtual program offering an array of AP and foreign language courses; students may enroll in these programs only at designated enrollment periods. Instructors are “live” in that assignments are graded and discussion among class members is monitored. Student access to the teacher is given synchronously and asynchronously.

Student Eligibility: Students may enroll in a Virtual Virginia course if

  • it (or its equivalent) is not offered in the FCPS Program of Studies, or if it is not offered by their school because of low enrollment in a course for that school year; or
  • they are seniors or second term juniors who are unable to take the course because of a legitimate course conflict, scheduling resolution, or extenuating circumstances. The student’s guidance counselor may also determine the legitimacy of a course conflict based on the student’s post-graduate plans.

Cost: free to eligible students during the school year