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World Language Information and Textbooks

VDOE World Language Web Page

The Virginia Department of Education's Resource Page for Foreign (World) Language.


FCPS World Language Textbooks

Spanish 1 - 4: Descubre, Vista Higher Learning

AP Spanish Language and Culture: Abiendo Paso Temas y Lecturas and AP Spanish workbook, Pearson

AP Spanish Literature: Azulejo, Wayside

French 1-3: D'Accord, Vista Higher Learning

French 4: Imaginez, Vista Higher Learning

AP French Language and Culture: Allons au de la and AP French workbook, Pearson and APprenons, Wayside

German 1-3: Mosaik, Vista Higher Learning

German 4: Denk Mal

Arabic 1: Alif Baa, Georgetown University Press

Arabic 2-3: Al Kitaab, Georgetown University Press

Latin 1-3: Hans Orberg Lingua Latina

Latin 4:Longman Latin Reader Series; Cicero de Amicitia; A Martial Reader; A Livy Reader

AP Latin:Caesar : Selections from his Commentarii de Bello Gallico; Vergil's 'aeneid: Books I-VI;The Aeneid, Vergil; A Caesar Workbook and A Vergil Workbook, Bolchazy