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VIP Senior Gold Card

The "VIP Senior Gold Card," available to any Fauquier County senior citizen age 60 and older, is an admission ticket to almost any FCPS school event that charges admission. This benefit is an expression of gratitude for the contribution senior citizens make to our local community. 

To obtain a VIP Senior Gold Card, senior citizens must apply in person at any Fauquier County public school. Go directly to the front office and ask for the VIP Senior Gold Card application and fill it out and take it to any FCPS school. You must present a driver's license or other proof of date of birth at the time of application. You will receive your VIP Senior Gold Card in the mail. The card is non-transferable. 

The VIP Senior Gold Card is the holder's admission ticket to almost any school event in Fauquier County Public Schools that charges admission. This includes dramas, choral and band concerts, and regular-season athletic competitions in the county. The VIP Senior Gold Card does not apply to out-of-county regular-season games involving FCPS teams nor does it apply to post-season games at home or away. The VIP Senior Gold Card applies only to school events held in Fauquier County.