There is no time like the present, and no substitute for being present.”

    Author Unknown


    Phone: 540-422-7419

  • Warning Bell:  7:25

    Tardy Bell: 7:28

    Dismissal Bell: 2:28

     ABSENCES: If your child(ren) are absent from school please contact the attendance officer before 8:00am.  

    Email (preferred):

    Office phone: 540-422-7419


    TARDIES*: If your child(ren) will be tardy (after 7:30), they must sign in on the sheet in the main office and recieve a hall pass.

    EARLY DISMISSALS*: If your child(ren) require an early dismissal, please send a note in and have them bring it to the main office when they arrive.  You must come in to the building and sign them out.  
    They will be called from class after you have arrived.