• As of 1/26/23
    AMS Clubs 2022-2023
    Club Name Sponsors Meeting Date Meeting Time Meeting Location
    Kindness Club Brewbaker/Hazlehurst 1st/3rd Thursday 2:30-3:45 Library
    Girls on the Run Brewbaker/Hazlehurst/Baldridge/Gallotta Every Mon & Wed 2:30-3:30 724
    Battle of the Books Laura Spota Every other Tues (September - March) 2:30-3:30 Library
    Coloring Club Britton/Sutton     Art Room
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Gimon/Newton Each Wednesday 7:20 AM Forum
    Cheer Club Tapscott Tues/Thurs (s. 11/8) 3-4:30 Kettle Run
    Rocket Team Gard Friday 2:45-4:30 Cafeteria & Outside
    NJHS Dever     623
    NJAHS Kolb 2nd & 4th Wed. 2:30-4 Art
    Broadcast Griffith Daily Live at 7:30 AM ITRT Room
    Intramural Volleyball Balgavy Tues/Friday
    (Ends 2/24)
    2:30-4:15 GYM
    Auburn Unified Curry/Testa/Hazlehurst/Van Buren/Sutton Every other Tuesday (specific dates announced) 2:30-3:30 804
    SCO Poff 1st & 3rd Monday of the month 2:30-3:45 310
    Robotics Poff / Piszczor Every Thursday 2:30-4:00 313
    GOTR Hazelhurst/ Gallotta/ Brewbaker      
    Tech Deck Club Kwarteng Fridays   821