• Fresh Club Program

    Students in grade 3-5 are eligible to participate in Fresh Club. There are 3 Fresh Clubs occuring this fall.

    • Running Club - Students will participate in an interval training (combination of walking & running). Runners will build their endurance and stamina along with coordination and muscle definition. We will begin each run with a warm-up exercise and end with an easy, beginner level yoga to stretch and cool down.
    • Bobcat Yoga - Students will learn and practice yoga together in a fun, relaxed environment.  Yogis will learn basic and more advanced yoga poses to help with flexibility and a productive use of energy. Special attention will be drawn to how to use breath to control movements and release stress.
    • Fitness through Games - Ro Sham Bo (Rock Paper Scissors) is a quick way to solve minor conflicts but when paired with physical activity can be a fun game.  Join the Ro Sham Bo Club and learn the origin of the game as well as learning different variations of this age old pastime.  We will get moving as we learn Rock Paper Scissor Tag, Rock Paper Scissor Hula Hoop Challenge, and many other fun variations of this hand game.  So grab your tennis shoes and get ready to get moving.

    Club Facts:

    The club dates are

    • Wednesday 10/10/18,
    • Wednesday 10/17/18,
    • Wednesday 10/24/18,
    • Wednesday 10/31/17,
    • Wednesday 11/7/18,
    • Wednesday 11/14/18,
    • Wednesday 11/28/18,
    • Wednesday 12/5/18.

    Clubs run from 3:30-4:30 and students participating need to dress appropriately for their club activities. Parents, please pick up your student promptly at 4:30.