Senior Portraits Information

Senior Class Portraits

  • Important Yearbook Information for Parents of 2020 Seniors!

    This packet contains important information regarding senior portraits, senior yearbook tributes, and purchasing a 2020 yearbook.

    Do not discard the forms in this packet; read them carefully!

    Senior Portraits are due to the yearbook office (room 264) no later than September 27, 2019. Late fees will be charged for pictures turned in after this date. See next page for senior portrait details.

    Do you wish to place a SENIOR TRIBUTE in the 2020 yearbook for your child? See Ms. Miller in room 264 to pick up a form, or use the one provided in this packet. These are due by November 30, 2019.

    Would you like to order a Liberty High School 2020 Yearbook using a credit card? If so, you may go to: Click on buy a year book and follow the instructions! Online ordering will be available starting in August 2019.

    Orders to be paid with cash or check should still be brought to the Liberty High School Finance Office!

    The deadline to order an engraved yearbook is November 30, 2019! If you would like to set up a yearbook payment plan and pay for your yearbook a little bit at a time, see Ms. Miller in room 264 as soon as possible. We will start setting up payment plans after the first day of school.

    Class of 2020 Senior Portrait Dates and Policies

    Please read carefully!

    Senior portraits (required for yearbook and school ID card) for the class of 2020 are scheduled for July 1-3, 2019. Pictures are by appointment only. Be sure to watch your mail for your special appointment date and time. Make-up pictures will be in August 2017 after school on the 21st and 22nd, by appointment.

    Believe it or not, plans for the 2020 Liberty Yearbook are already in the works! An important goal of our staff is to include senior portraits of all members of the Class of 2020.

    In the near future, you will be receiving information from Victor O’ Neill Studios, Liberty High School’s Official photography company. The information in that packet will explain to you how to set up a sitting for a senior portrait.

    There will be no sitting fee charged for just a yearbook portrait, and you are under no obligation to purchase senior portraits from this company. If you choose to have a full selection of photos (more than just the yearbook photo) taken, a sitting fee will be charged. 

    It is extremely important, however, that this company photographs all members of the Class of 2020 for the yearbook.

    If your son or daughter is photographed by Victor O’Neill studios, he or she will automatically be pictured in the 2020 Talon.

    If your child opts not to be photographed by Victor O’Neill studios, he or she will not be included in the senior portrait section of the 2020 yearbook and will not receive a school ID card.

    The photograph taken by Victor O’ Neill Studios reserves your child’s spot in the senior section of the yearbook. This photograph will also be used to create your child’s school ID card.

    In the event that you do not care for the photograph taken by the school photographer, you may submit a replacement yearbook picture from a different photographer if:

    1. A. A different photographer photographs your child over the summer.
    2. B. The photo is of the same style as the Victor O’ Neill Studios portraits (girls must wear a black drape, boys must wear a black tuxedo, backgrounds must be blue-grey, no props of any type are allowed).
    3. C. One color hard copy of the photograph (any size) is delivered to the yearbook office (room 264) by 2:35 on Friday September 27, 2019.

    A fee of $50 will be charged to seniors who submit yearbook portraits without first being photographed by the school photographer. This fee will also be charged if pictures are submitted after September 27 deadline.

    Please note that the yearbook staff reserves the right to reject pictures taken by other photography companies if the overall look and quality of the portrait does not meet our standards, or if the portrait is not received by the designated deadline.

    We strongly recommend that you allow Victor O’ Neill Studios to take your child’s yearbook portrait to ensure that he or she will be included in the senior section of the yearbook and will receive a school ID card.

    I look forward to receiving photographs from 100% of the students in the Class of 2020!

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lisa Miller at