• Sponsor(s):  Michelle Green (SCA & Senior Class), Bo Pittman (Junior Class), Michele Damer (Sophomore Class), Cathleen Beachboard (Freshmen Class)

    Meeting Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

    Meeting Time(s):  Academic Enrichment

    Description of Activity:  All School activities associated with student involvement at FHS.

    2022-2023 SCA Officer Team

    SCA Co-Presidents – Nate Hensley & Hayley Ponn

    SCA Vice President – Erin Irvin

    SCA Secretary – Kasey Bandler

    SCA Treasurer – Livy Gaines 

    SCA Historian – Mikayla Gilmore

    SCA Ambassadors -  Annamae Lawrence

    SCA Public Relations Officer - Emily Penatzer

    Senior Class Co-Presidents – Caden Nelson & Grady Panagos

    Senior Class Vice President – Katie Harrington

    Senior Class Secretary – Sophia Mesick

    Senior Class Treasurer – Brendon O’Hara

    Senior Class Historian – Nick Roman

    Senior Class Ambassadors - Griffin Barrett & Martine Hutt

    Senior Class Public Relations Officer - Henry Roy

    Junior Class Co-Presidents – Deanna Rowley & Billy Brooks

    Junior Class Vice President – Brandon Frear

    Junior Class Secretary – Ashley Heflin

    Junior Class Treasurer –Cassidy Scott

    Junior Class Historian – Allie Strickland

    Junior Class Ambassador - Dylan Damer

    Junior Class Public Relations Officer – Meme Merchant

    Sophomore Class President – Kenza Chienku

    Sophomore Class Vice President – Christian Friedl

    Sophomore Class Secretary – Sam Roteman

    Sophomore Class Treasurer – Sam Paccassi

    Sophomore Class Historian – Madelynne Martin

    Sophomore Class Ambassador – Andrew Mossman