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    Fauquier County Public Schools is proud to host 3 unique academies to prepare students for STEM careers through hands-on experiences, cross-curricular studies, industry certifications, and extracurricular opportunities.  Academy students may receive medals, certificates, and/or diploma seals at graduation if all requirements are completed. 

    Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, transportation will be available for students to travel to their Academy if it is located at a different high school.

    Do you have questions about our academies? On the fence about applying?
    Watch our Webinar here: https://youtu.be/VAzb4CpoA9E

    Our Academies:


    Academy Structure:

    • Each academy has a unique set of required and recommended courses and activities for students to complete before graduation.
    • Students who do not attend the high school where their academy is located will be half day travel students – much like our students who currently travel to other schools for JROTC and CTE programs. These students may take courses outside the academy at their travel schools. In a given year, they may travel during one or both terms depending on their schedule and courses.
    • Each academy has a director who oversees the students, curriculum, and opportunities for that academy.

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