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    Welcome to Wildcat Cafe

    Here at Auburn Middle School I want to help make sure your child has an understanding of how they are spending “your” money & to ensure they are getting ALL they pay for. Please take time to review the following with your child & talk to them throughout the school year about what they are purchasing. Make sure your child knows they can ask any cafeteria staff (“lunch lady’s”) to help them make the best & wisest choice. Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have. My staff & I look forward to serving your child and consider it a pleasure!

    Michele James ~ AMS School Nutrition Cafeteria Manager 540-422-7417

    During the month of AUGUST, we ONLY offer the items on the lunch menu & bottled water (at an additional cost). This allows us time to teach your student what a full meal looks like and gives students time to recognize the components of a healthy reimbursable meal without the distractions of snacks items.

    During the month of SEPTEMBER, we begin introducing “a la carte” snack items and students will be allowed to purchase “Extra’s” of menued items as well. We will also begin introducing any extra Entrée items or added items to the menu like sandwich of the week.

    BREAKFAST & LUNCH menu items are posted weekly on a menu board in the cafeteria at the front of each serving line and read during the morning announcements. Any changes to the menu will be posted &/or announced. Changes to the planned menu may occur due to inclement weather, delivery status or availability.

    What is a Combo?

    A “Combo” is a Reimbursable Meal recognized by Federal Guidelines for a combo price

    A Reimbursable Meal consists of 5 components which are 1 ENTRÉE (Meat/Meat alternate & grain component together); 1 or 2 VEGETABLES; 1 FRUIT; 1 MILK

    Example of a full Reimbursable Meal or a “Combo”

    • Steak & Cheese Sub (Meat/Meat alternate & Grain component)
    • Green beans & a fresh carrot veggie cup
    • Assorted canned Fruit OR a fresh fruit/juice
    • & a Milk

    All reimbursable meals MUST have minimum 3 out of 5 components

    One of which MUST be a fruit or vegetable choice to receive the “Combo price”

    If the choices do not meet the Reimbursable Guidelines (Combo), the items will be charged separately as “A La Carte” prices

    “A La Carte” also known as “Extra’s” are items sold separately (ORANGE signage)

    Students approved for Free or Reduced price meals MUST choose the minimum components of a Reimbursable Meal or they will be charged “A La Carte”. We can only suggest items to purchase so please make sure your child knows what a “Reimbursable Meal” is to take advantage of the program.

    Every student will be allowed to purchase one full reimbursable meal and will not be turned away if they do not have money on their account, however, the debt will be the parents responsibility. It is not the manager’s responsibility to inform you of the debt.

    We DO NOT speak with any child concerning their money, low balance or debt incurring unless the student inquires. If they inquire, we will give them a “balance slip” to take home. It is the parent’s responsibility to track all money, debt and purchases.

    Restrictions may be applied by the parent or guardian to your student’s account. Please email the manager for assistance in this area. School nutrition staff are not responsible to monitor your child’s account, they are simply here to help reinforce your guidelines as directed from home.

    AMS cafeteria Welcome Letter


    •  Serving lines are “The Quiet Zone”; this helps us hear your choices and requests to serve you more quickly and accurately.
    •  Distraction and disruptive behavior interferes with our ability to serve you and can make the lunch line unpleasant for fellow students.
    •  Please refrain from wearing headphones or ear buds while in the serving line; we want to be able to communicate with you.
    •  Display boards outside the serving line will help you make your choices while waiting in line. Please read these. We will also post specials and    promotional giveaways on these boards so don’t miss out!
    • Touch only those food items you plan to put take and do not eat food while waiting in line until you have checked out with the cashier. No gum is allowed in the serving line.
    • Your student ID number is your lunch number – this unique number is yours until you graduate. Be ready and prepared to enter your number on the pin pad at the cashier. Do not share your ID number with others.
    • The manager is available and happy to help you with questions or concerns after breakfast or during your lunch time. 
    • If you need to know how much money is on your account, please ask a cashier, they will write it down for you on a “balance slip”.
    • The cafeteria staff is here to help you have an enjoyable experience every day. We welcome your input and are happy to help you.
    • Generous portions of “please” and “thanks-you” make us smile.



    BREAKFAST is served daily 7:00-7:45 & Students are permitted to take breakfast to class unless they are “Restricted Classes” (computer lab, science & P.E). Check your student’s schedule for their lunch times.

    Free & Reduced Price Meal approval is for breakfast and lunch.  Please take advantage of this opportunity and join us for a healthy school breakfast and lunch.  You must submit a NEW APPLICATION every year. Prior year approval will expire at the end of September.  You are responsible for charges incurred.  Families who were received a “Notice of Direct Certification” from the school nutrition central office prior to school opening, DO NOT need to complete a meal application.

    To apply money to a student’s account: the student can bring a check, cash or money order to the cafeteria during a breakfast or lunch shift or give to their homeroom teacher. Credit card payments are ONLY accepted on-line at  Allow a couple of days to process & post to your student’s lunch account. This is a great tool as well to keep track of your student’s purchases and balance. You do not need to use the payment option to view the account.

    Make checks payable to AMS Cafeteria or FCSNP (Fauquier Co. School Nutrition Program).  Please make sure to include the student name(s) & I.D #(s) on the check for the money to be applied to the correct account(s). One check may be sent for multiple students attending AMS.

    PLEASE look for “Wildcat Cafe News” in the Auburn Newsletters. You can also look on the AMS website for more information.