wms library

Library Information

  • Staff

    Librarian: Mrs. Kathyrn Davis

    Library Assistant: Mrs. Katelyn Verrill

    Library Information:


    The library opens at the start of the school day.  Students are welcome to check out books, take AR tests, & work on research during homeroom.

    Classroom visits

    Students will visit the library with their English teachers once every two weeks as well as with their other classes for research and projects.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the library media center is to establish a welcoming atmosphere to promote and enrich the reading experience and to assist with successful information retrieval in both print and non-print material. Scheduled class visits offer students the opportunity to enhance research skills, become familiar with available databases, learn how to accurately access information from the Internet, and website evaluation.

    Age-Appropriate Material

      At WMS we serve students that can range in ages from 10-16 years old.  Choosing books that are appropriate and engaging for all ages is sometimes challenging due to the vast difference in developmental and maturity level.  All books are reviewed by educational journals and are designated for middle school.  If your child chooses a book that he or she is not comfortable with or you feel is not appropriate, please return the book and we will be glad to find a book that is more suitable to their needs and interests .


    Students may check out 3 books at a time for a two week period using their student ID number. Reference books are occassionally allowed to be checked out overnight.  An additional grace period of five days is given on all books (except overnight checkouts and periodicals). Students are responsible for checked out materials and are charged fines (five cents a day-not to exceed $5.00 per book) after the grace period has ended. Students will be billed for costs to damaged or lost books. Weekly overdue notices are sent through homeroom teachers as reminders.