The Doctor is in!
  • Good afternoon Southeastern Families,

    As you already know, FCPS School Board voted to make mask wearing optional for students, staff, and visitors while in / on FCPS schools and offices effective Monday, January 24th.  However, there are some finer details worth reviewing:

    Masks [still] Required on Buses

    • Masks are still required on all FCPS buses. If your child rides the bus to and/or from school, please ensure they have a proper fitting mask and understand the mask requirement has not changed.
    • Chronic refusal or improper mask wearing will be considered defiance and student(s) will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

    Masks [still] Required in other non-school locations

    • Many government locations and private businesses are still requiring masks. This includes many of the locations we will visit during our Spring Term field trips.   Students and staff are expected to wear masks, if required, while representing Southeastern and FCPS in these locations.

    Social Distancing

    • Here at Southeastern, we have the ability to follow CDC guidelines to keep student seats at least three (3) to six (6) feet apart in all classrooms. Teachers will continue to follow social distancing guidelines in all classes.

     Health & Safety Mitigation Strategies

    • Southeastern will continue to follow other health mitigation strategies already in place such as frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer upon entry into any room, wiping down chairs and desks at end of class, and frequent disinfection of high touch surfaces.

    Check for Symptoms

    • If your child wakes up in the morning with new symptoms that may be concurrent with Covid-19, please keep them home and contact us. 

     Positive Test Results

    • If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, or is waiting for test results, s/he must stay home and parents should contact Southeastern as soon as possible. We will provide guidance about length of isolation / quarantine as well as information about access our Quarantine Assignments Website.
    • Your child will have to stay home for Days 1 -5 and may return to school on Day 6 only if they are fever / vomit / diarrhea free on Day 5 (that meets the 24-hour rule). Upon return to school for Days 6 - 10, your child is required to wear a mask at all times (except eating, drinking, exercising). 
    • If your child refuses or does not wear mask properly, s/he will be required to stay home through Day 10.

    Questions or Concerns?

    • If you are concerned about the impact of this change in FCPS mask mandate on your child’s health, please contact us. While the ability to “go to virtual learning” is not available like it was last year, we do have other options we can discuss.
    • If you are interested in applying for the Virtual Academy program, please contact Mr. Michael Snell, Coordinator at or 540-422-7032.

    Want to talk or meet with Administrators?  We are available everyday 7am - 4pm.  Please call us or stop by and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have about these changes or any other items about your child's education.  If you would like to review the FCPS Covid Response Plan: CLICK HERE

    Thank you for your continued support,


    Michelle Neibauer, Ph.D.


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