L. Shorb

Principal's Message


    I am so excited about the upcoming school year and our new journey together. Middle school is where I belong, it is all I have ever known and that is exactly how I have always wanted it. I have been a middle school educator in Fauquier County since I graduated from college in 1996. I adore all things middle school, teenage students, craziness, unpredictability and, most specifically, Cedar Lee Middle School. This has been my home away from home, and my work family since I began teaching and coaching here in 2005. I look forward to coming to school every day and love our students, staff and school community.

    Over my career I have been asked repeatedly why I chose to teach middle school. My answer has never changed. I chose to teach middle school because I remember how difficult it is to be a middle school student. The age range from eleven to fifteen is the most drastic change any human being undergoes, with the exception of birth to three years old. It is, most simply put, the most daunting transition we go through. I believe it is my purpose to try to make that transition better for my students in any and all ways possible. When I began teaching, it was my mission to make sure my students knew I was someone they could count on. I needed them to know I was always here for them and always truly listening.

    When I became the Assistant Principal of CLMS in 2014, I made sure none of those things changed. My role may have changed, but not my mission. In the spring of 2021, when I was honored to be named the Interim Principal for Cedar Lee, my role changed again, but not my purpose, nor did it change this spring when I was named the Principal of Cedar Lee Middle School. This role is my dream come true. I have worked hard and dedicated myself to continuing to grow as a person, an educator and a Principal. I am as dedicated as ever to helping students, staff, and the school community succeed. This starts with listening, caring, providing opportunities for individual and community success.

    My door is always open, and I am always just a phone call, email or text away. I am ready to lead but you will never see me out in front. I will be shoulder to shoulder with our students, staff and community working together to ensure continued success. We have so much to look forward to after the craziness of last year. You will find on our home page a link to a video on Twitter. This video was created by Liberty High School Students (former Cedar Lee Students) that illustrates positive strategies that came from our struggles last year. The phrase building back to better and stronger is a call to action that comes from this video, and it is a favorite of mine. You will hear me reference this often. I truly believe with the insight of our students, staff, parents and school community, we will learn and grow from the challenges of the past few years.


    Thank you for sharing your children with us and for working with us to help them get through this very important and new time in their lives. As always reach out any time, we are always here.


    Leah Shorb

    Principal Cedar Lee Middle School