Student/Parent Informational Handbook

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    Dear Parents and Students,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you back to school for the 2016-2017 term. I hope you have enjoyed the summer months and found them to be restful and rewarding. For school staff the summer is short, and we have been busy preparing for the opening of school. Each new school year offers students the opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning. Please be assured that the staff of Fauquier County Public Schools is fully committed to making the upcoming school year a success!

    I’m personally excited this year about the expansion of Blackboard in ways that will empower our teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members to engage in open communication designed to enhance our students’ learning experience. We are bringing a total communications and learning package to Fauquier County Public Schools that will include a new mobile app, social media connections, a newly designed website, messaging system, and Blackboard Learn (our digital learning platform) all under one umbrella. Work has already begun on this large project. We launched the new website earlier this month along with major updates to Blackboard Learn. In the fall work will begin on the new mobile app that will include integration with Blackboard Learn. The final piece will be the messaging system which is expected to launch next summer. The new technology that is accompanying this package will allow students, parents, teachers, division staff, and community members to receive information about events, programs, and student academics anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an Internet connection.

    As this new school year begins, this Student/Parent Handbook provides useful information about many aspects of our school program. The Code of Student Conduct, which is a guide to clarify expectations for student behavior, is provided in a separate booklet. I believe most questions you may have about your child’s school are answered in these publications. After reading these booklets, please contact your child’s principal for further assistance if necessary.

    The School Board and I appreciate your continued support, and we invite you to visit your child’s school whenever your schedule permits. Your thoughtful participation will enhance your child’s opportunity for success. Please accept my best wishes for a rewarding and successful school year.


    signature of Dr. David Jeck

    Dr. David C. Jeck
    Division Superintendent