School Counseling Information

  • Fauquier High School Counseling Department 


    7:30AM - 4:00PM


    FAX 540-422-7327

    REMIND APP:  Group 6b2ge9

    Twitter:  @FHSCOUNSELING2


    Request to Talk to Counselor  If you would like to speak with your counselor, please fill out the request form.  Your counselor will contact you using your listed email.





    College Essay Workshop - October 7th @ 10AM


    Military Pathways Panel - October 13th @ 11:45AM


    Financial Aid STEP ONE:  Create your FSA ID - October 21st @ 10AM


    How to complete the FAFSA (Demonstration) - October 21st @ 6:30PM


    Presentation:  December Graduates - October 22nd @ 6:40PM



    SENIORS - be sure to check out the "Seniors" and "Scholarships" pages for new information!

    Seniors - Please complete the Senior Entrance Survey and join - Group 6b2ge9.


    School Profile 2020 - 2021


    *The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (mhafc1) is a great resource during these uncertain times.  There is a tab at the top of their page for Special Resources Related to COVID-19.  The staff is working remotely and is still providing information and referral services.  You may also follow the Mental Health Assoc. of Fauquier County on TWITTER @mhafc1.  


    Terrific resource for ALL students:
    Preparing for Senior Year PowerPoint Presentation

    Opportunities: Preparing for College Guide & Workbook Virginia 2019- 2020.


    Be sure to check out the Newsletter from Mrs. Belinda Knudson, Career Coach, on the College & Career Counseling tab.


    • Develop in self-understanding with regard to their values, abilities, interests, and aptitudes;
    • Select a program of studies, which will enable them to attain marketable skills and/or further their education;
    • Receive occupational and educational information with which to make appropriate education and career choices;
    • Understand the process of decision-making and the need to accept the consequences of decisions;
    • Gain an appreciation for discipline, respect for authority, and tolerance towards others;
    • Be prepared to enter society as responsible and productive citizens, upon graduation.