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    Seniors:  Scholarships are currentlhy on line on the "Seniors and Scholarships" page.  Please spread the word. New scholarships still coming in! 

    *SCHOLARSHIPS DUE BACK TO FHS - Any scholarship that is to be returned to the Counseling Office at FHS has a NEW deadline of May 1st.  Please check the Seniors and Scholarships site for drop-off instructions and additional information on scholarships. NO ONE WILL MISS OUT AS LONG AS THEY KEEP CHECKING BACK WITH THE WEBSITE AND/OR TWITTER - @FHSCOUNSELING2


    *Course selection sheet and instructions are now posted on the "Course Registration" tab.





    *The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (mhafc1) is a great resource during these uncertain times.  There is a tab at the top of their page for Special Resources Related to COVID-19.  The staff is working remotely and is still providing information and referral services.  You may also follow the Mental Health Assoc. of Fauquier County on TWITTER @mhafc1.  

    Click this link to visit the Virginia Wizard for Career & College Exploration and Preg.

    College & Career Counseling tab has just been updated! (April 1, 2020)


    Terrific resource for ALL students:
    Preparing for Senior Year PowerPoint Presentation

    Opportunities: Preparing for College Guide & Workbook Virginia 2019- 2020.


    Be sure to check out the Newsletter from Mrs. Belinda Knudson, Career Coach, on the College & Career Counseling tab.


    FHS School Profile 2019 - 2020: CLICK HERE


    • Develop in self-understanding with regard to their values, abilities, interests, and aptitudes;
    • Select a program of studies, which will enable them to attain marketable skills and/or further their education;
    • Receive occupational and educational information with which to make appropriate education and career choices;
    • Understand the process of decision-making and the need to accept the consequences of decisions;
    • Gain an appreciation for discipline, respect for authority, and tolerance towards others;
    • Be prepared to enter society as responsible and productive citizens, upon graduation.