Code of Student Conduct

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    Dear Parents and Students,

    One of the most important responsibilities of our school division is to provide each student with
    the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and secure school environment. We believe that
    students, parents and school staff must work cooperatively to ensure that a respectful climate
    exists at school, where educational and extracurricular programs thrive. The Code of Student
    Conduct (Code) is a guide to clarify expectations for student behavior at school and the range of
    consequences that may be imposed if those expectations are not met.

    In addition to describing the rights and responsibilities of students and parents, the Code defines
    in detail prohibited behaviors, the range of responses available to principals in addressing those
    behaviors, and the procedures approved by the School Board for use by the division in
    administering the Code. This Code has been established as a guide; discretion for addressing
    student behavior at school rests with the building principal.

    The Code of Student Conduct applies to students while on school property, while at any school
    activity, while under the supervision of school authority (including going to and coming from
    school), and, in certain circumstances, while off school grounds and after school hours. It is
    important that parents and students review this Code together and discuss the importance of
    following school rules and meeting the division’s behavioral expectations at all times. After you
    have read the Code, please sign the form on the reverse side of this letter and, if your child
    is in grades 6 through 12, have your student sign as well. Please return the signed form to
    school by Friday, August 25, 2017.

    The School Board and our school staff believe that the safety and the emotional well-being of
    our students are paramount in ensuring a quality educational program and that providing a safe
    and secure school environment is a responsibility shared between home and school. The School
    Board and I appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions regarding the
    administration of the Code of Student Conduct, please call your child’s principal.

    Please accept my best wishes for a rewarding and successful school year.


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    David Jeck