The Professional Learning Program

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    The Professional Development Program 2018-2019


    Program Principles

    Fauquier County Public Schools has a long tradition of providing exemplary and differentiated professional development experiences for its staff members. Three principles undergird the FCPS professional development program:


    1. Professional development is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The program seeks to give a variety of learning opportunities for educators in a variety of venues with an overarching emphasis on good, solid instructional practice.
    2. Examining one’s practice (through learning and reflection) should be an on-going annual task—not simply during one’s license renewal year. We must be committed to “walking in our students’ shoes” as learners on an annual basis to insure we never forget what it’s like to process a new thought, share frustrations and successes with a colleague, collaborate to produce a product, or read a book or article for information and understanding.
    3. Professional development should encourage and facilitate a sustained focus on job-related issues and learning. Admittedly, some of our professional development opportunities do a better job of this than others. Among the best opportunities will be school-based sessions during contract-time teachers which will focus on student learning: lesson study, sharing lessons, and looking at student work and other data. Second, the division offers series, courses, and reading opportunities that extend for a semester or year. These provide teachers and administrators time to think through and discuss topics that affect their work and student learning. Finally, many of the one-time workshops, if presented and implemented well, will provide a springboard for further study and learning.



    Professional Development Details for 2018-19

    The professional development program includes the following features—some of them new:

    • Teachers must complete the equivalent of two days of professional development (see attached equivalency chart: State and County PD Options).
    • January 3rd and 4th, 2019 will be a combination of teacher work days and division wide or school in-service days
    • University courses are available on-site this year, and teachers and administrators are eligible to receive full tuition (paid up-front) if they enroll in these courses. Information about the options will be e-mailed to teachers.
    • At teachers’ request, we have increased online professional development options.
    • Finally, several workshops will be required of some teacher groups as follows:
      • For CTE: active certification in CPR and First Aid
      • For Science 6-12: active certification in Flinn Science Lab Safety
      • For New Special Education Teachers: IEP Writing and Progress Monitoring Training
      • For New Teachers: New Teacher Orientation on August 7, 2018.
      • A catalog of classes will be made available to certified staff through Frontline Professional Growth.
      • Professional development guidelines and requirements, contacts, and forms will be available at the Professional Development website through