• Mission Statement

    Fauquier County Public Schools, an innovative learning community, is committed to developing creative, confident, and knowledgeable citizens who are globally competitive by cultivating the potential of each learner.


  • Fauquier County Public Schools is located in Fauquier County, Virginia approximately 40 miles from Washington, DC and 80 miles from Richmond, the state capital.  Fauquier County encompasses a land area of approximately 650 square miles and is bordered by the counties of Prince William, Stafford, Culpeper, Warren, Clarke, Loudoun, and Rappahannock.  Because of its proximity to Washington, DC, the county has experienced consistent population growth rates over the past 10 years and is currently home to around 68,000 residents.  Despite that, the County remains primarily rural.

    FCPS student population numbers about 11,287 students. FCPS includes 11 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 high schools and 1 alternative learning school.


  • Pie chart shows number of employees; 1093 certified (58%) and 790 classified (42%)

    FCPS Employees

    Number of Classified: 790
    Number of Certified: 1,093

  • Pie chart shows 923 teachers as 135 SPED, 16 Board Cert, 500 Master's or better, 272 Bachelor's


    (923 teachers)

    Special Education: 135
    National Board Certified: 16
    Master's Degree or Higher: 500
    Bachelor's Degree: 272
  • Dual bar chart student enrollment; race white 79.6% black 8.6% asian 2% american indian 1.9%, hawaiian .3% 2 or more 7.5%; ethnicity hispanic 12.2%

    Student Enrollment

    (11,267 students)

         White: 79.6%
         Black/African American: 8.6%
         Asian: 2.0%
         American Indian: 1.9%
         Hawaiian: 0.3%
         Two or More Races: 7.5%

         Hispanic: 12.2%

  • Bar chart: discipline 0.7%, ELL 4.2%, Gifted 15%, Subsidized meal 24.3%

    Other Statistics

    Discipline: 0.7% (student incidents resulting in out-of-school or long-term suspension or expulsion)

    English Language Learners: 4.2%

    Gifted and Talented Services: 15%

    Subsidized Meal Participants: 24.3%

  • Industry Certifications: 1,465 taken and 1,059 passed

    Transportation: 7,312 students on 163 routes which included 2,807 bus stops and approximately 3.2 million miles traveled