Welcome to Band

Image of the 2017-18 Marching Band
  • Mrs. Elisabeth Deavers, Band Director

    Mrs. Deavers has been the band director at Kettle Run since January 2017.  Prior to then she was the choir and orchestra teacher at KRHS as well as the Assistant Director for marching band since 2012.  Before coming to Kettle Run, she began her teaching career as an elementary music teacher at Brumfield Elementary for four years.

    Mrs. Deavers graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education in 2008.  During her time at WVU, she played the horn in several musical ensembles including Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Winds, and a brass quintet.  She continues to perform regularly as a member of the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra in Warrenton.

    At Kettle Run, Mrs. Deavers is responsible for the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Music Theory I and Music Theory II.  She also leads the pit orchestra for the musical in the spring.  Mrs. Deavers lives in Fauquier County with her husband (a chemistry teacher at Fauquier High School) and their two young sons.

  • Courses Offered:

    Music Theory I:

    This course is open to students who are interested in learning a wide variety of skills necessary to be a well-educated musician - skills that cannot adequately be taught in a music performance class.  This course of study includes musical dictation, scales and intervals, music analysis, vocal and instrumental arranging, compositional techniques, and related computer technology.


    Music Theory II:

    This course is an extension of Music Theory I.  More independent work is expected at this level.  Music writing assignments include longer forms and more complex harmonies than Music Theory I.  Student creativity is encouraged.  One major original composition is assigned as a project.  These compositions will be performed in concert at school, if possible.


    Concert Band:

    This course is for high school students who have or have not been in band before.  It provides a student to continue on their primary instrument or explore learning a new instrument.  Emphasis is on basic music fundamentals on the student's specified instrument(s).  The class may perform concerts at school and in the community.  Students are expected to secure their own instruments.  A rental fee for school-owned instruments is required.


    Symphonic Band:

    Students study and perform music literature of grade levels III and IV.  Individual performance on a chosen instrument is stressed.  At the end of the year, those students who have made sufficient progress are encouraged to audition for Wind Ensemble.  Students perform concerts at school and in the community, which may require after-school rehearsals.  A rental fee for school-owned instruments is required.


    Wind Ensemble:

    Wind Ensemble provides experiences for students who are proficient on their instruments and who desire to develop their skills to a higher degree.  This course stresses a study of various styles of band literature and music theory, as well as refined ensemble performance.  Students perform music literature of grade levels V and VI.  Students perform concerts at school, in the community, and participate in the District Concert Assessment in the spring.  Students must devote much time to preparation and technical instruction; there will be frequent night rehearsals.  A rental fee for school-owned instruments is required.  Membership into Wind Ensemble is by-audition only.


    Jazz Ensemble:

    Jazz Ensemble is an extra-curricular activity that provides experiences for students outside of the concert music idiom.  Students are selected for the ensemble by audition.  The group meets prior to the start of the school day two times per week starting in November and continuing until the end of the school year.  Students perform concerts at school and in the community.  A county activity fee is required for participation.


    Marching Band:

    Marching Band is an extra-curricular activity that provides students experiences in the pageantry arts.  Marching Band students begin in late July and rehearse, perform, and compete regularly until the end of October.  Parades and other community performances are required as well.  No previous experience needed to join, but a membership fee does apply.


    For more information on any of the ensembles listed above, please contact the band director, Elisabeth Deavers, edeavers@fcps1.org.  Thank you!