school board members Sloan, Bland, Gorg, Dr. Jeck, and Mason

School Board

    The School Board and staff welcome and appreciate your interest in Fauquier County Public Schools.  Our students are best served when the community, parents, and school division employees work together to provide their future success!  Open lines of communication are vital to our students' educational growth.  
    The School Board members are your elected officials and can better serve you when you take the time to observe the School Board in action and express your opinions and raise questions.  We invite your attendance at the School Board meetings and other school activities.

About the School Board

  • The Fauquier County School Board's responsibilities, dictated by the statutes of Virginia and the regulations of the Virginia Board of Education, are to operate the public schools of Fauquier County by providing them with policy for the day-to-day supervision of schools, establishing goals and objectives for each aspect of the school system's operation based upon the identified needs of the community, and to provide a framework of general rules and guidelines for school system administration affecting major educational and financial issues of the Fauquier County School Division. The five School Board members are elected for four-year terms; one member represents each of the county's five magisterial (election) districts. Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend public meetings of the School Board to observe its deliberations.

    Questions or comments can be directed to the entire School Board by contacting the Clerk to the School Board.