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    School Nurse

    Robin Barnard, RN

    Phone: 540-422-7515

    FAX: 540-422-7529


                  Here are some suggestions that will help get the new school year off to a good start:

    1.     Regarding medication administration in school; the parent/guardian must bring the medication to the clinic.  An Authorization for Medication Administration form needs to be completed for prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications.  Your doctor will need to fill out a form for prescription meds, parent/guardian will fill out form for OTC meds.  Doctor's orders on form must match prescription bottle.  OTC meds need to be in the original unopened container. OTC medications can only be administered at the label suggested dose and for no longer than 10 consecutive days; please see Student/Parent Handbook.

    2.     Students with chronic medical problems, life threatening allergies or special medical needs will require a Physician’s Plan of Care form completed over the summer by the doctor. Please notify the clinic of any serious or chronic condition your child may have. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to call or come to the clinic to discuss their child’s care. 

    3.     The clinic does not keep a stock supply of medications or creams. We cannot administer anything to a student that was not provided by the parent/guardian. Again, any product must be brought in by the parent in the original, unopened container with the appropriate paperwork.   The ONLY products a student is allowed to carry without a form are: hand sanitizer, sunscreen, saline solution, and non-medicated lip balm. Even cough drops must be kept in the clinic. Please do not send any medications to school with your child.  Please adhere to these policies; they are included in the parent handbook under School Health Services.

    4.      Please review the guidelines in the handbook about when to keep your child home from school and when students must be sent home from the clinic. We will have our Lion’s Club Vision and Hearing screening in late September or early October. All third graders will be screened as well as any new enrollees to the county and any kindergartner that was not screened as part of their entry physical exam.

    5.     To print forms discussed above - go to the School Health Services page.