Volunteers are an essential component of school programs. Parents are always welcome at Greenville ES - to volunteer in the library, support classroom teachers with their needs, or help chaperone a field trip. 

     Thank you for your help. 


    If you are interested in becoming a Greenville Volunteer,

    • Complete this Volunteer Form and bring it to the office (A NEW FORM MUST BE COMPLETED EACH SCHOOL YEAR).
    • A valid ID must be presented and scanned in the office.
    • The office will issue a volunteer badge with your first check in.
    • Upon each visit to volunteer, the office will check you in the system. Please retrieve your badge from the volunteer bulletin board.
    • Always bring your ID in case an unfamiliar staff member is handling the check in - as they might need to view your ID.
    • Check out in the office after each visit by returning your badge to the Volunteer Bulletin Board.
    • Badges should not go home.