Student Council Association

  • Student Council aims to support and put forward the needs and wants of our student body. Student Council is made up of representatives of the student body and is led by elected officers and 9 faculty sponsors. All SCA meetings are once a month and individual class and officer meetings are more frequent. Contact Miss Katrianna Tapscott or Mrs. Michelle Frazier, or your class sponsor for information.


    Seniors - Danielle Edmonds

    Juniors - Karen Frye and Tammy McGilvery

    Sophomores - Kim Olinger

    Freshmen - Shannon Brownlee


    This years officers are: 


    All SCA Executive Council:

    President- Madison Canterbury

    Vice President- Kaley Frazier

    Treasurer- Jacob Robinson

    Historian- Raeden Hoskins



    Freshman Class Officers:

    President - 

    Vice President-




    Sophomore Class Officers:

    President- Hannah Cosby

    Vice President- Collin Brown

    Treasurer-    Abigail Beattie

    Historian- Maria Gaytan 


    Junior Class Officers:

    President- Jillian Brunton

    Vice President- Afua Okyere

    Treasurer- Jessica Lalwani

    Historian- Alexis Leone


    Senior Class Officers:

    President- Merrick Denomy

    Vice President- Ivelle Villagonez-Cortes

    Treasurer- Ashley Hume

    Historian- Ella Slevin


Image of the student council crest