Bus Routes

  • Bus Routes are no longer available for this current school year. We plan to have SY 20-21 Bus routes will be available no later than August 17.


    If you are experiencing issues or cannot locate your address using the link below, please contact Transportation at 540-422-7240.

    We ask students to be at their bus stops 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.


    Search Bus Routes Link

    The following will be displayed.  
    Be certain to:

    • Select the grade
    • Enter the house number, street and  zip code,
      (Use standard abbreviations such as Rd for Road, St for Street, Ln for Lane….do not spell out.)
    • Select Find School/Transportation Info button. 

    You will be presented with the bus number and approximate time of bus arrival for pickup.

    If you receive message “Home Street not found – closest matches:”

    • Use the drop down arrow in the street name field to get another option for spelling.
    • Click on the “Use Selected Match”—immediately to the right.
    • Click on Find School/Transportation Info again.

    Sample screen below: 

    search bus route screen


    Bus stop information can also be obtained from your assigned school or the Transportation Department. 




Special Services

  • If your child requires Special Services, you will be notified by the Transportation Office concerning bus information.