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Liberty High School Awarded Innovation Planning Grant


Fauquier County Public Schools and Liberty High School are proud to announce the award of $50,000 for the 2019 Virginia Department of Education’s High School Innovation Grant.  This first-year innovation planning grant – awarded to only five school divisions in the state - will allow Liberty High School to expand their vision of creating opportunities for students as they prepare for life during and after high school.

According to the Virginia DOE, the grant is provided for the 2019-2020 school year to develop or implement programs that promote Virginia’s 5 C’s: critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and citizenship while preparing students for careers and postsecondary education.

“We are beyond excited to receive the High School Innovation grant as it will provide resources in the evolution of our mindset in reimagining what high school should be for students in the 21st century,” said Liberty High School Principal Sam Cox. “Instead of asking students, What do you want to be?  we need to be asking, What problem do want to solve or what new things do you want to create?  We look forward to using the VDOE funds to explore innovative ways to prepare our students for their future.”

Grant funds will be used to empower Liberty educators with new ways of presenting information and using cross-curriculum teaching and interdisciplinary learning to bring real-world examples and experiences to meet individual student learning needs.  Project-based and hands-on learning, along with community partnerships and internships, will provide students with an empowering academic experience while preparing them for postsecondary experiences.

“This grant brings an amazing opportunity to our school community and our stakeholders.  We understand that our schools need to continue to evolve to better serve our students and foster their passions,” says FCPS Director of Instruction, Dr. Amy Acors. “We are committed to ongoing professional learning for our staff and are excited about engaging our students in more authentic ways.  We remain grateful to the partnerships we have with our business community and look forward to growing those relationships.”

Three innovations outlined in the winning grant proposal include Empower, L.E.A.P. and Serve.  Empower involves offering interdisciplinary courses to consistently provide students with learning opportunities that foster creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and citizenship.  The personalized, tailored instruction will allow students to learn at their own pace while pursuing their interests.  With L.E.A.P. (Liberty Empowers Aspiring Professionals), students will be immersed in job experiences and will have opportunities to “try out” different professions, giving students a better understanding of what they need to accomplish to meet their goals.  Service will seek to integrate service learning into every classroom. 

“This award is a result of a team effort with FCPS administration, Liberty High School leadership and our local business community,” says Stacie Griffin, FCPS Grant Technician.  “This program will empower our educators to look at new ways of teaching career and life skills as we better prepare students for the future.”       

See the news release from the Virginia Department of Education for more information about the grant.