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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

-Auburn student drop-off procedure

Beginning October 1st, any student who is dropped off by a parent/guardian any time after 7:25 AM, will need to be escorted into the building by their parent/guardian.  The student drop off/pick up lane will be closed off daily at 7:25 AM (indicated by a yellow chain at the entrance of the lane).  Upon entering the school building, both the student and parent/guardian will need to stop by the main office in order to sign the student in and to provide the specific reason for the late arrival.  Even though the first period of the school day does not begin until 7:30 AM, we have determined that students who are being dropped off between 7:25 AM and 7:30 AM do not have sufficient time to get into the building, stop at their locker, and make it into their first period class by/before the 7:30 AM start time.  The reason(s) for late arrivals will be documented and monitored on a quarter-by-quarter basis.  Students will be given four unexcused tardies per quarter as warnings and without consequence.  On the fourth occurrence, the parent/guardian will be contacted to make them aware that the next unexcused tardy (5th one in a given quarter) will result in appropriate consequence (lunch detention and/or after school detention) being assigned by school administration.  The purpose of these procedural changes are to both minimize disruption to the educational process and to hold students accountable for being on time.

Any student who is dropped off by a parent/guardian, and not escorted into the building, will automatically be considered unexcused.  Similar to the process mentioned above, parents/guardians will be contacted at the 4th unexcused tardy to make them aware that the next unexcused tardy will result in appropriate consequence(s) being assigned by school administration.

Any student who is riding their bike and/or walking to school will still be expected to be in homeroom by/before 7:30 AM.  However, these students will need to be included on the approved bike ride and/or walk list(s) in order for an exception to be made to the parent/guardian escort between 7:25 AM and 7:30 AM.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Mr. Josh Miller