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Updated student device information

As of October 25th 2021, Auburn Middle School has started to use a new program called Lightspeed Classroom Manager on all school issued Chromebooks. Classroom Manager is a screen monitoring software program that allows teachers to view each student’s computer use/activity while on their school issued device during class (i.e. Chromebooks). The intent behind its usage is to help ensure the appropriate use of technology by our students and to aid teachers in keeping students on task during instruction.

Students are expected to bring their school issued Chromebook to school on a daily basis charged and ready for use.  In addition, we wanted to remind parents/students about proper use of their FCPS devices and accounts.

Student/Parent Handbook: 

FCPS One-to-One (FOTO) Program  Students in grades 5-12 are provided an FCPS Chromebook device. The purpose of the FOTO program is to provide a collaborative and creative environment for all learners. This environment will allow teachers to implement transformative uses of technology and allow students to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning. Our goal is to provide students the access to the tools, resources, and information that they need to make meaningful contributions to the world. (page 53)

Inappropriate use of devices on school property during instructional and non-instructional time is prohibited. If a student violates school division policies, the Code of Student Conduct or school rules, the student may be disciplined and the device may be confiscated and returned only to the student’s parent or parent’s designee. The student may lose the privilege to use electronic devices in the future. 

The school division will not be responsible for data charges incurred by the student or the loss, theft or damage of any personal electronic device. (Ref:  FCPS Reg 7-3.1 (C))  

Students may possess cellular telephones, tablets, laptops, e-readers and other personal electronic devices on school property including school buses. These devices may be used during designated non-instructional times at the discretion of school administration and transportation staff. Devices must be turned off during class unless a staff member has specifically instructed students that devices may be used for classroom assignments.  (Ref:  FCPS Reg 7-3.1 (C)) 

School reminders with student Chromebooks:

  1. Students should bring their charged devices to school each day. If they charge it at night, then they should not need their charger in school. However, on testing days we recommend that students bring their charger. There will be school loaner devices for students to sign out in the library if they forget their device. Personal devices will no longer be used in classrooms as an alternative.
  2. We recommend that students restart or shut down their Chromebooks at least once a week.
  3. If your child has lost or damaged their Chromebook charger, they will need to purchase a new one through the school. The cost is $25 and checks should be made payable to Fauquier County. Once payment is received, we will provide a new charger to the student.
  4. If your child’s Chromebook has been damaged, or does not appear to be working, they should see Mr. Fenner in the ITRT office to receive assistance. Some issues may require the device to be sent out of the building for repair. If a device needs to be sent out, then a loaner Chromebook will be provided to the student until their Chromebook is returned. A fee will be assessed based on the extent of the damage. If you are interested in purchasing an insurance plan, please follow the link: 
  5. Chromebook care:

  1. Repair costs:

General Chromebook Guidelines from Fauquier County: 

    • The student will bring the device to school fully-charged. The ability to charge the device at school is not guaranteed.
    • The student will keep the device away from food or liquids.
    • The student will not attempt to disassemble or repair the device at any time; all repairs will go through school technology support personnel.
    • The student will not place stickers or decals on their device.
    • The student will not attempt to circumvent the school system content filter or attempt to search for or access inappropriate content.
    • The student will not view or transmit racist, sexist, pornographic, obscene or threatening material.
    • The student will adhere to the principles of digital citizenship.
    • The student will utilize their Google Workspace account and network login for educational related activities only.
    • The student will not share their passwords or login information with anyone.
    • Do not use cleaners, sprays, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives on the Chromebook. Clean the Chromebook with a soft, lint-free cloth.