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"The Dragons' Vault"


Greenville Families,

We have some exciting news! During our time apart, we have received some amazing examples of how our students are pursuing their passions and interests at home. So, we have decided to utilize our “GES Dragons” Youtube Channel to showcase the creative and inspiring work our students are doing. We are calling this playlist, The Dragons' Vault! Check out our Intro Video Here!

Students are encouraged to share pictures, artwork, poems, videos, a music performance--the possibilities are endless! 

To share something, visit the “The Dragons' Vault” submission form. We plan to launch this playlist on our Youtube Channel during the week of May 4th, so be sure to check back often, or subscribe, to see the latest Dragon productions.

We are proud of our students, we encourage the pursuit of their interests and passions, and we appreciate your continued support as we work to Guide Each Story--together.

Visit "The Dragons' Vault" submissions form.

View and subscribe to our "GES Dragons" Youtube Channel. Then, select The Dragons' Vault playlist!