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Homework Policy for Fauquier County Public Schools

Regulation:  Homework



Instructional expectation in Fauquier County places value on collaboration, rigor, variety of instructional practice, and measurable student performance not associated with multiple choice testing and/or the memorization of facts.  Fauquier County Public Schools endeavors to insure that homework assigned to students is meaningful, engaging, relevant, and matches best instructional practice.  Empirical research regarding the value of homework is mixed and divergent.  Likewise, recent parent survey results indicated that nearly one-third of those surveyed found no value in homework.  In summary, our graduates must be well-rounded, highly skilled young men and women who possess skills favored by employers, colleges and universities, the military, etc.  The homework that we assign to students should match these principles.


Teachers and parents are reminded that homework is not required.  Teachers may assign homework as needed based on the aforementioned descriptors and the following preferences and expectations.


Homework preferences:

Assigned homework should:


  • Be differentiated based on student needs and abilities;
  • Be assigned in a variety of forms;
  • Reflect best instructional practice
  • Connect students to subject matter previously discussed or presented during class time;
  • Be reading designed to prepare students for classroom discussion


Homework expectations:

Any assigned homework:

  • Will relate directly to at least one of the four domains;
  • Will be posted/linked to the corresponding teacher’s blackboard account, or existing student management platform;
  • Will receive specific feedback from the assigning teacher once submitted
  • Should not exceed more than 10 % of a student’s final grade;
  • Should not cause a student to fail during any marking period;
  • Should not be assigned during any weekend or holiday


**Courses that include a nationally recognized summative assessment (e.g. Advanced Placement (AP) courses, CTE certifications), Academic Year Governor’s School Programs, Honors classes, or must meet rigorous standards for dual enrollment with a college course, may require additional coursework outside normal school hours, including long-term assignments.



Domain 1

Domain 2

Domain 3

Domain 4



Sustained Reading or Writing

Project Completion

Purpose: to give students an opportunity to study or practice skills/work with content already addressed in class

Purpose: to give students an opportunity to think through a concept/idea that will be introduced or addressed in class the next day

Purpose: to give students an opportunity to grow their literacy skills needed in every class

Purpose: to give students an opportunity to complete performance based tasks they are unable to complete in class

To note: No new information; tasks/problems should be limited to a reasonable number

To note: Students have one question or prompt to think about, share, or research

To note:   20-30 minutes recommended

To note: Provide support for students who have restrictions on time/place or resources for outside completion