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FCPS Bus Driver Alerts Family of House Fire

Early morning on December 5, school bus driver Sharon Elgin alerted the residents of a home in the Marsh Run Community that their house was on fire. Her heroic actions enabled the residents inside to escape unharmed. 

Elgin was driving her regular bus route when she spotted an unusual amount of smoke to the side of a home. As she took a closer look, she noticed the home’s back porch and outdoor stairs were on fire, and that the siding on the side of the house was rapidly melting.

“It was so windy that morning,” Elgin said. “It was a miracle the fire didn’t engulf the whole house.”

The bus driver’s quick actions contributed to the miracle. She first radioed the FCPS Transportation Department, who, in turn, called 911.  However, notifying fire and rescue services was not enough in Elgin’s mind. As bus aide Candy Rodriguez stayed with the students on the bus, Elgin banged on the door of the house until one of the residents, who had been asleep and unaware of the fire, answered.

Once the residents were out, and the fire department was on the way, Elgin completed her bus route, safely transporting her students to school.