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All Fauquier County Public Schools Accredited for 2022-2023

September 23, 2022

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has accredited all Fauquier County Public Schools for the 2022-2023 school year. Eighteen schools received the highest accreditation rating, and Pearson Elementary School is accredited with conditions. The VDOE bases accreditation ratings on a school accountability system that provides a comprehensive view of school quality.

“I am very proud of our teachers, staff, and especially our students. These results show that we have made huge gains in terms of addressing learning loss,” Superintendent David Jeck said. “Our teachers and staff really pulled off a miracle during the pandemic and continue to do miraculous things.”  

Virginia’s accreditation standards measure performance on multiple school-quality indicators
in the areas of academic achievement, achievement gaps, and student engagement and outcomes:
Elementary and Middle School Indicators:

  • Overall proficiency and growth in English reading/writing and math, including progress of English learners toward English-language proficiency
  • Overall proficiency in science
  • English and math achievement gaps among student groups
  • Absenteeism

High school Indicators:

  • Overall proficiency in English reading/writing, math and science, and progress of English learners toward English-language proficiency
  • English and math achievement gaps among student groups
  • Graduation and Completion Index
  • Dropout rate
  • Absenteeism


Schools with one or more school-quality indicators at level three (below standard) are accredited with conditions. Pearson Elementary School is fully accredited but with conditions due to a level three designation in science for all students.  The school is currently working with the Virginia Department of Education’s Office of School Improvement to develop strategies to address this area.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Major Warner is pleased that all schools are accredited.

“Expectations for accreditation are set by state leaders, and we don’t make those rules, but it is important that we understand the significance of meeting those expectations as they are outlined, as one of many steps in conveying to our community that our schools are of high quality and meeting the overall needs of students,” Warner said.

“We recognize coming out of this pandemic that while our student outcomes on the assessment side are trending back in the right direction, there is much work to be done in bringing all of our most vulnerable learners up to speed,” Warner continued. “We have to continue balancing the need for data to understand the gaps with supporting the emotional growth of our students and families as we continue traveling the path back to full normalcy. This will take some time, but together we will get there.”  


“It is abundantly clear to me that our teachers and school leaders are up to this challenge because they are putting in the effort to develop meaningful lessons and experiences for our students.  If you spend any time in one of their classrooms, you truly get the sense of students being the center of the learning process, and that will pay dividends in the near future,” Warner concluded.
The Virginia Department of Education provides online School Quality Profile reports for each school and school division. These profiles contain detailed information on student achievement by subject and grade level. The profiles also provide data on other key indicators of school quality.

*Note:  Fauquier County’s alternative school does not receive its own accreditation rating.