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Students Lead 'Push Your Shelf' Event May 19

There is a danger within Fauquier County.  One affecting the students.  It is a monster that strikes during the warm months of summer break.  It locks down student’s minds, like a warden in a prison.  It is the beast known as summer slide.

Summer slide is a mental stage in which students forget some of the most basic concepts that they learned the year before.  Teachers waste precious time each day reteaching subjects that students should remember because students don’t engage their brains over break.  The students of Taylor Middle School have decided that enough is enough.  On May 19 at Liberty High School (10 A.M.-2 P.M.), the students have teamed up with the community, businesses, and local government agencies to put on a free event to inspire kids to continue reading and learning new things over the summer.

“Push Your Shelf” will be open to people of all ages.  No matter how young you may be, there will be something that everyone can enjoy.   Students will learn ways to engage their mind and have opportunities to sign up for events and camps that will inspire a learning desire.  Water balloon wars, live musical performances, and engineering competitions just scratches the surface of some of the possibilities.  There are plenty of activities to involve the brain.

Summer slide is a destructive force.  Students lose at least two months of learning over break alone.  By bringing your kids or yourself to Liberty High School on Saturday, May 19th from 10-2 you are changing the life of yourself and those around you. Engagement, enrichment, entertainment that will push your shelf to your full potential. This is a chance for you to be a hero and help create a community of empowered learners. It’s not a debate… it’s a necessity.

Written by: Taylor Middle School Students
Brenden Maszatics
Ethan Homenik