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Teacher and Student Artwork on Display at Fauquier Hospital

Artwork from Fauquier County Public Schools art teachers and students is on display at Fauquier Hospital through January 1, 2019. The gallery unites the work of the following art teachers and their students in a side-by-side display:

  • Karla Kolb and Caera McMorrow - Taylor Middle School
  • Patricia Hill and Katja Roux - C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary School
  • Charlene Root and Kendal Stafford - Fauquier High School
  • Jess Beach and Elizabeth Johnston - Brumfield Elementary School
  • Heather Deeney and Alexandra Solis - Grace Miller Elementary School
  • Carol Hostetter and Gavin Randall - Greenville Elementary School
  • Thomas Falkowski and Samantha LaChance - Fauquier High School
  • Brian Lindenberg and Eva Hicks - Marshall Middle School
  • Gary Colson, Javier Jimenez, and Emily Fields - Liberty High School
  • Marisa Pappas and Emma Glenn - Warrenton Middle School
  • Dawn Brown and Sarala Grayson-Funk - Fauquier High School
  • Tisha Burke and Julia Rocca - Kettle Run High School
  • Robin Guay and Jennifer Mecedo - Liberty High School

Art teachers educate in many different ways, one of which is modeling what it means to be a professional artist.  When artists choose work for an exhibition, they anticipate showing it to an audience. In preparing for this show, each teacher thought about their students’ artwork and selected only one piece to display. This student then has the honor of showing beside his/her art teacher in a professional setting.