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Liberty Eagles Create a Magnificent Musical Memory

Liberty Eagles Create a Magnificent Musical Memory

by Patriot Press Staff and Editors in Ms. Lisa Beth Miller's journalism class

Liberty Eagles are always up for a challenge. Their latest mission? Coming up with a way to get the entire school community involved in celebrating the Bealeton high school's 25th anniversary.

After much thought and planning and meetings with administration, some of Mrs. Erin DiVello's marketing students decided to create a lip dub video. The short musical masterpiece was designed specifically to honor and include all students and teachers and virtually all styles of music. The melodic journey through the LHS building and campus was filmed on April 26 and 29 during the school day, thus accomplishing the Eagles' mission.

“I definitely got my inspiration this year from the 20th-anniversary video that LHS did five years ago. I thought it would be cool to recreate that project it for the 25th anniversary, but I wanted to make it even more inclusive by featuring all different styles of music,” commented junior Julia Crofford, who played a major role in the planning and production of the video. 

“The project may appear simple, but the production process was super stressful! But it was also really a lot of fun, and it was really cool to see how it turned out!” added Crofford.

On the morning of April 26, the entire population of Liberty High School was dismissed from classrooms to gather with chosen clubs, sports, or groups at designated locations. Once everyone was in position, the filming began. Dancers moved throughout the planned itinerary as the school population cheered and sang in each hallway.

On Monday of the following week, the final scenes of the video were filmed on the football field.

"Allowing students to create hands-on projects with real-world deadlines and authentic results is the most rewarding experience as a teacher. This project was not only fun, but allowed students to learn life lessons and skills of dependability, hard work, organization, and communication. Julia Crofford was a remarkable leader for the video," said Mrs. Erin DiVello.

“Creating this video was a very memorable experience. I think it’ll be one of the best memories from my high school years,” commented Madison Harmon, a senior who assisted with the project.

“It will be a very memorable experience because literally everyone in the school was incorporated into the video, whether they were athletes, club members, teachers, or administrators,” concluded junior Amy Sheehan.

The final video product was presented first to the 2019 senior class at a special assembly last Friday, May 10. As expected, the results were well-received. The soon to be graduates smiled as they viewed the video, knowing that the entire Liberty community truly worked as a team throughout the production process.

“This project was an enormous undertaking.  Our Band Director, Mr. Ben Lombardo dealt with the formations on the field, we had help from the Lacey family for the aerial views, and Mrs. DiVello and Julia were ROCKSTARS who made this vision happen.  A 9th grader, Austin Shumate, was our videographer and did an amazing job.  With only one practice run, I am impressed that more editing was not needed.  I think it was a cool experience and sharing it with the seniors, watching their reactions – that was PRICELESS!  Go Eagles!” said assistant principal Ms. Christy Crocker.

Ready to watch the video? Just go here to view it: