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BOB Now Fully Accessible Thanks to Community Partnerships

Books on the Bus (BOB) is introducing a new feature this spring, thanks to the collaboration of local nonprofits and the generous support of Sonny Merryman, Inc.  The Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation (FEIEF) was awarded a grant of $850 from the Jesse and Rose Loeb Foundation in 2018 to fund the purchase and installation of an interlock system, a safety feature that prevents a vehicle from starting when a wheelchair lift is in use.

Once this first step was completed, BOB was on his way to becoming accessible to all children. Sonny Merryman, Inc. generously donated the wheelchair lift and its installation. BOB spent spring break at Sonny Merryman, Inc.’s headquarters in Evington, VA, having the new lift installed.

BOB is a mobile outreach program that made its debut during the summer of 2018 thanks to the combined efforts of multiple community agencies.  Armed with the knowledge that many young people and their families lose access to critical supports that keep them fed, active and engaged in learning over the summer, BOB traveled over 1,000 miles last summer bringing books, movement, music and literacy activities in addition to snacks and Power Packs to locations throughout Fauquier County.

With over 1,461 visitors from 56 different schools, there is no doubt BOB has made an impact on our community last summer.  Now that Sonny Merryman, Inc. has worked its magic, BOB is accessible to all.  Once again, our community has come together to make this happen. 

The team behind BOB is committed to bringing schools, families and our community together to improve the lives of children and their families.  Thanks to the Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation, the Jessie and Rose Loeb Foundation, and Sonny Merryman, Inc., BOB is now fully accessible and ready for his next adventure!

For more information about Books on the Bus, see BOB’s webpage, or follow BOB on Facebook or Twitter.