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Teacher and Student Artwork on Display at Fauquier Hospital

Artwork from Fauquier County Public Schools art teachers and students is on display at the Fauquier Hospital Gallery through January 3, 2020.  The gallery unites the work of the following art teachers and their students in a side-by-side display:

  • Dawn Brown and Joselyn Stanton (Fauquier High School)
  • Karla Kolb and Celeste Ramirez (Taylor Middle School)
  • Tom Falkowski and Kate Lattig (Fauquier High School)
  • Jess Beach and Sarah Corcoran (Brumfield Elementary School)
  • Heather Deeney and Abigail Urrutia (Grace Miller Elementary School)
  • Carol Hostetter and Amelia Seifried (Greenville Elementary School)
  • Rebecca Graham and Caroline Austin (Fauquier High School)
  • Brian Lindenberg and Quinn Nelson (Marshall Middle School)
  • Gary Colson and Javier Jimenez (Liberty High School)
  • Marisa Pappas and Grace Jones (Warrenton Middle School)
  • Tisha Burke and Maddie Green (Kettle Run High School)
  • Dani Spratling and Claire Duckworth (Liberty High School).

Art teachers educate in many different ways, one of which is modeling what it means to be a professional artist.  When artists choose work for an exhibition, they anticipate showing to an audience. In preparing for this show, each teacher thought about their students’ artwork and selected only one piece to display. This student then has the honor of showing beside his/her art teacher in a professional setting.

Throughout history, art students have been modeling and looking up to artists that have come before them. Each one of these teachers can say they have done this for their art teachers. We encourage our students to keep searching for role models and continually take the time to be an artist.

All are encouraged to stop by and see what talented students and teachers we have in our schools!