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Hours of Operation: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Dispatch Information Line: (540) 422-7240 

School Closings & Delays: (540) 422-7250  


Darlene Marshall

Director of Transportation   

540-422-7241 (work)
540-272-7687 (cell)   

Christopher Ryman  

Assistant Director of Transportation

General Education
540-422-7243 (work) 

Lead Drivers:

Each school has two Lead Drivers, who serve as liaison between parents, bus drivers/aides and administration for that location. 

Central - KRHS, AMS, Greenville, PB Smith, HM Pearson, & Ritchie

 Heather McGlothlin

540-422-7253 (office)

540-680-1672 (cell)

South - LHS, CLMS, Grace Miller, Pierce & Mary Walter

Vernon Thornley

540-422-7252 (office)

540-680-0515 (cell)

North - FHS, WMS, MMS, Coleman, Thompson, Brumfield, Smith & Bradley

Chanda Talbot

540-422-7257 (office)

540-680-1506 (cell)

Alice Curtis 

Supervisor of Special Services

540-422-7242 (office)

540-905-6031 (cell)

Melanie Corboy

Assistant to Special Services Supervisor

540-422-7254 (office)

540-680-0230 (cell) 

Melissa Strain

Special Services - County Wide

540-422-7255 (office)

540-680-0091 (cell)

Sped & Out of County Schools will contact the Supervisor and/or the Lead Drivers of the Special Services department at Transportation   

   Karen Embrey

Routing Department


Stephanie Butler

Supervisor of Safety and Training

540-422-7248 (office)

540-272-2816 (cell)

Darlene Waggoner

Assistant to Safety and Training Supervisor


Patty Embrey