Adopted Budget 2017-2018

The school division’s (FCPS) FY 2018 Budget is based on five FY 2017 - FY 2018 biennial budget goals established in calendar year 2015 by the School Board and administrators. These budget goals are to: (1) continue to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff; (2) improve compensation and benefits; (3) encourage and support “deeper” learning; (4) reduce opportunity (achievement) gaps; and (5) focus on our technology needs. These goals are founded in the adopted strategic plan.

In the second year of the biennium, Fauquier County Public School’s local composite index (LCI) or local ability to pay for education costs remains at 0.5827. This index is fundamental to the commonwealth’s Standards of Quality (SOQ) funding model. The state considers Fauquier County to be above the state’s average in its ability to pay for education; thereby, reducing per pupil funding. Another key indicator is average daily membership, or ADM, decreased from 10,881 in the FY 2017 (final March 31, 2017 ADM) to 10,766 in the FY 2018 (projections used in Chapter 836 - 2017 Acts of Assembly - for FY 2018).

In summary, the school division is expecting to receive a total $137,343,273 in revenues for school operations in FY 2018. The County’s full FY 2018 adopted budget resolution and summary can be found here: This is a 2.7% (or $3,611,733) net increase over the previous year. The largest portion of the $3,611,733 budget increase, $2,804,926, supports employee benefits; unfortunately, this budget could not afford a compensation increase for school employees. This year the school board was faced with the demanding reality of our aging school infrastructure and made a very difficult decision to invest significantly in facility improvement, maintenance, capital/equipment replacement and other needs that support our schools.


FY 2018 Adopted Budget