Non-Resident Student Tuition

Methodology for Calculating Tuition for Non-Resident Students


Tuition charged pursuant to this policy shall be equivalent to the total per capita cost of education, exclusive of capital outlay and debt service. However, if the tuition charge is payable by the School Board of the School Division of the student’s residence pursuant to a contract entered into between the two (2) School Boards, the tuition charge shall be that fixed by such contract.


Payment of tuition shall be in advance and continued access to programs and activities of the School Division shall be subject to the payment of all fees and charges.



  School Year             Tuition Rate                 Daily Rate (180 days)

  2021 –2022                  $10,073                        $55.95

  2020 – 2021                  $9,330                         $51.82

  2019 – 2020                  $9,138                         $50.76

  2018 – 2019                  $8,832                         $49.07

  2017 – 2018                  $8,722                         $48.46

  2016 – 2017                  $8,432                         $46.84

  2015 – 2016                  $8,022                         $44.57



The philosophy behind the methodology is to ensure that the non-resident student instead provides educational costs normally supported by the taxpayers of the County. To this extent, the total local direct and indirect support of education minus debt service is divided by the projected enrollment.



  • FY 2022 total local direct and indirect support is $101,761,572.
    • Direct = local transfer ($93,091,478)
    • Indirect = allocation of consolidated departments ($8,670,094)
  • FY 2022 projected enrollment is 10,102
  • Tuition rate: $101,761,572 ¸ 10,102 = $10,073
  • Daily rate: $55.95 ($10,073 ¸ 180 days).

Tuition for Students Transferring into the County:

In the case where a family has a contract on a home in Fauquier County and would like their child to attend public schools prior to settlement, a copy of the contract is required and tuition is charged up to the settlement date. This is in keeping with the philosophy that the tuition is based on the premise that it defrays the cost of the student to the County’s taxpayers and is required until the family becomes taxpayers.