Annual Report 2014-2015

The Superintendent’s Annual Report
By David Jeck, Ed.D., Division Superintendent

Thank you for taking the time to review my annual report. In keepingwith the theme of the last two years, we are focusing on the accomplishments of our students and staff. Clearly, there is a lot for all of us to be proud of. I understand that many of the people who read this report may be interested in learning more about the official FCPS achievement data. Fortunately, the Virginia Department of Education provides a very complete and very informative “School Division Report Card” on their website (

We’ve accomplished many very good things, but we still have more to do. I began my own school leadership experience in 1995 and perhaps the most important lessons I’ve learned are these: Never be satisfied. Keep your foot on the accelerator. Always expect more from your teachers, students and administrators. Continually raise the bar for students because, more often than not, they will exceed your expectations especially if you believe they can! These mantras have become my second language over the years, but we must also take time to celebrate our accomplishments. Our students and teachers deserve that recognition. Frankly, there is never a shortage of folks motivated to point out the things that we may have done wrong, or to focus on our faults. We are not perfect, but, in Fauquier anyway, we are never afraid to face up to our harsh realities while, at the same time, pointing out all that is good within our school community.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve as your superintendent. It is a true blessing to live and work in Fauquier County.

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