Why have a page called 'Be Awesome!"?

Posted by Eric McCaslin on 8/25/2016


Awesome!  I use this word frequently because it has really made an impact on me as I have grown over time.  I became a counselor because for many different reasons I struggled emotionally growing up and made a bunch of mistakes on my way to a future.  The story is super-long, but essentially I was very lucky to have enough positive influences in my life to be in a pretty good place today.

Essentially, the Me who I am today has evolved greatly from the Me who I was in the past.  I have learned a lot about what it is like to struggle with - confidence, love for oneself, and fear of failure.  I have seen in my own life and in the lives of people that I have worked with how strong the forces are that can pull us down.  I have also seen that most of the time the strongest force that affects one's life is that which exists in one's own mind.

What we believe and how we approach our daily lives, for most of us is the greatest predictor of how our lives are going to go. I believe that when we seek to do our very best in all that we try, that when we seek to find a passion for life and a purpose for living, and that when we face our fears, that we are able to experience a level of happiness that is immeasurable.

But ... the above can be scary, exhausting, uncomfortable and demanding. 

It takes huge amounts of courage and bravery (as well as a leap of faith) to make the choice to give all you have to the above, when it is likely possible that their may be many failures along the way.  So, why do it?  Why does the marathon runner do it?  He/she most likely does not like the pain of training for a marathon, or the time spent away from friends and family, or not being able to eat a bunch of junk food ... but they do love being able to say that they have run 26.2 miles. 

There is accomplishment that comes from setting high expectations and then reaching your goals, that feeds your soul.  I think the fine print in everything is learning to see the mini-accomplishments along the way (to recognize the learning and the process involved in striving for a goal).  We must be able to be demanding of ourselves and supportive of ourselves at the same time.  Just as we would want others to treat a loved one, we must do the same for ourselves.  Take pride in a job well done, acknowledge mistakes and promise to learn from them, be accountable to others and apologize when we don't handle something the way we should, fall down ... get back up.

Get rid of the need to be comfortable and you will find growth and learning.  This is a very tough thing to do.

In the end for me Being Awesome!, makes the world a better place.  Beautiful, Great, Awesome things should enhance the lives of all around us.  Our diversity adds to the wonder of the world.  Each person has a story and if we seek it we can find Awesomeness in one another.  Be Awesome with humility, encourage others Awesomeness and believe that they have it in them.

Singing, playing an instrument, high level mathematical calculations, speaking Spanish are currently not on my list of things that I am Awesome at, but I appreciate it very much in people who have a passion for those things.  I believe I could learn how to do those things, but currently I am working at being Awesome at loving others, leading youth and showing people how to love and respect one another.  Being kind and keeping other people's viewpoints in mind at all times is not as easy to be Awesome at as some might think.  I hope that I can inspire students to be passionate about life and to allow that passion to fuel all that they do (career searches, family planning, academic goal setting).  Why not have an Awesome life by doing what you are passionate about doing?

Thank you by the way to Kid President for inspiring me with his Awesome campaign, and helping me to define my life plan a little bit clearer.