FRESH for December!

What’s Fresh this month?

This month, in FCPS cafeterias, students will see…

 Herbs info

The FCPS FRESH Program (Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health) has partnered with the FCPS Department of School Nutrition to bring menu items featuring fresh produce to the cafeterias!  Each month, we will highlight seasonal produce on the menu, share fun facts about their nutritional value, & raffle fun prizes for students who demonstrate their nutrition knowledge.

Print & cut on the line above
Handwrite answers, student’s full name, grade, & teacher onto a piece of notebook paper.
Student must bring their entry to the “What’s FRESH” box/envelope in your school’s cafeteria to enter.

October Drawing Entry Form
Herbs have _________________&_________________ that is good for my __________________.

Herbs also have ______________& _______________ that is good for my ____________________.

Full Name :_____________________________________Grade:______ Teacher:_________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: This is a monthly random drawing.  Entry does not guarantee prize.