Chromebook chargers and repairs

Chromebook Chargers and Repairs

With the start of the new school year we wanted to bring a few things to your attention regarding student Chromebooks.

  1. Students should bring their charged devices to school each day. If they charge it at night, then they should not need their charger in school.  However, on testing days we recommend that students bring their charger.
  2. We recommend that students restart or shut down their Chromebooks at least once a week.
  3. If your child has lost or damaged their Chromebook charger, they will need to purchase a new one through the school.  The cost is $25 and checks should be made payable to Fauquier County. Once payment is received, we will provide a new charger to the student.
  4. If your child’s Chromebook has been damaged, or does not appear to be working, they should see Mr. Fenner in the ITRT office or in the Discovery Den to receive assistance.  Some issues may require the device to be sent out of the building for repair.  If a device needs to be sent out, then a loaner Chromebook will be provided to the student until their Chromebook is returned.  A fee will be assessed based on the extent of the damage. If you are interested in purchasing an insurance plan, please follow the link: