COVID Protocol

Greetings Wildcat Families!  As a school, we felt that it was important to send out information about if/when students are quarantined because of testing positive for Covid and/or when they are found to be in close contact with someone who is positive. 

Communication Process

When any student is required to quarantine, a message will be sent home from the school to those individual students/families.  This process has been put in place to keep members of our school community safe and it aligns with the recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). 


Student Work

It is imperative that if/when students are in quarantine they access course work through teachers’ Google Classroom and/or Blackboard pages.  Teachers are posting information/resources/assignments on their respective pages and are able to communicate with students either through the page(s) or via email.  Parents can also access the pages using their child’s login information.  We understand that a situation like this can be stressful for both student and parent; our teachers are committed to doing everything they can to make class information available and keeping students up to date with daily work and assignments.


Please feel free to contact the school if you are having difficulty finding/accessing teacher Google Classroom or Blackboard pages or if you have any questions regarding the information included in this message.


There is no need for parents of students who have been placed into quarantine because of contact tracing done by AMS school staff.  Parents should contact the school if/when their child is quarantined because of a positive test and/or close contact outside of the school day.  The following attendance procedures are in place for this school year:


  • To report your student absent from school, email before 8:00 AM. If the absence is due to a medical reason, please include the school nurse If you feel details are important, please include those in the email.
  • If you need to speak to attendance, please call 540-422-7419 directly. Please, ONLY leave attendance messages in this ATTENDANCE voice mailbox.
  • Every day your student is absent due to illness, please contact attendance. If you do not contact us regarding your student’s absence it will remain an unexcused absence.

Return to School

We are asking parents to contact the school nurse prior to your child’s return from quarantine in order to confirm conditions of quarantine have been met. 


After School Activities

We would also like to remind students and parents that if/when a student is placed into a quarantine situation that the student is not to be on school grounds until the quarantine period is complete.  This includes during the school day and after school events/activities.

We realize that this is a trying time for everyone but by working together we will continue to do the best we can to provide our students the support necessary for them to be successful.


Josh Miller


Auburn Middle School