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Staff Portal

Welcome to the FCPS Staff Portal – your one-stop destination for staying informed, connected, and inspired.

Stay Updated:
Explore our regularly updated division information, including Superintendent's Memos, to ensure you're always in the loop about important announcements, division and state initiatives, and upcoming events that directly impact your role in the classroom and school community.

Policies and Procedures:
Be informed about essential policies and procedures that directly impact our schools and classrooms, covering topics such as curriculum guidelines, grading standards, professional development opportunities, and administrative protocols designed to support your effectiveness as an educator.

Important Websites:

Featured Stories and Articles:
Read curated stories and articles to enhance your professional growth and development. From innovative teaching strategies to classroom management tips, our stories are crafted to inspire and empower you in your daily work with students.

We're committed to providing you with the resources and information you need to excel in your role at FCPS. Bookmark our staff portal and make it your go-to destination for staying informed, connected, and empowered as a valued member of our educational community.