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Professional Learning

Welcome to the Professional Learning web page at Fauquier County Public Schools, where we're dedicated to empowering our certified staff with effective and intentional professional development opportunities.

Our commitment to professional growth is evident through a comprehensive array of workshops, sponsored courses, and in-service training designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of educators across all content areas and grade levels. Whether it's after-school and weekend workshops, online opportunities, or summer consortium classes, we provide diverse formats to accommodate the busy schedules of our educators.

At FCPS, we understand that professional learning is essential for educators to stay current with best practices and innovative strategies in teaching and learning. By offering a wide range of professional development options, we ensure that our educators have the opportunity to fulfill both their state licensure and county professional learning requirements.

We believe that professional development not only enhances teaching practices but also fosters communication, growth, and collaboration among educators. As lifelong learners ourselves, we recognize the importance of continuously evolving in our roles as educators to better serve our students.

In accordance with Virginia School Law, FCPS is committed to providing professional learning opportunities that support the ongoing growth and development of our certified staff. Thank you for your dedication to professional excellence and lifelong learning at Fauquier County Public Schools.

Log on to Frontline Professional Growth to view classes and transcripts.

Program Notes:

  • Certified employees must complete 15 hours of professional learning outside of contract time annually between May 1 & June 30. FCPS offers a variety of PD options; most are posted in Frontline Professional Growth: after-school and weekend workshops, asynchronous courses, summer consortium classes, and sponsored courses/conferences.
  • Certified employees must choose activities that support their personal learning goals and are aligned with one or more Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Domains of Professional Competency. 
  • Certified employees are responsible for submitting transcripts and certificates and meeting VDOE requirements that apply to their licensure renewal.
  • Any college credit course can be counted for professional learning hours. A 3-credit course earns 90 PD hours. 
  • Full tuition will be paid upfront for FCPS-hosted courses. All FCPS-hosted courses will be announced via email. 
  • Certified employees may request tuition reimbursement, based on current parameters, for courses taken to support licensure, endorsements, and dual enrollment certifications. Tuition reimbursement cycles will be announced via email.
  • Certified employees may request credit for an independent professional learning activity, including outside events, by submitting the Request Credit for an Activity Already Completed Form through Frontline Professional Growth. 
  • With administrative approval, certified employees are encouraged to present workshops for their peers and should submit the Project Proposal Form through Professional Growth.
  • Finding for conferences, workshops and other learning courses is made available for each school and approved by the principal. Prior to the event, certified employees should submit the Request to Attend an Upcoming Activity Form through Frontline.

Fauquier County Public Schools Required Content:

  • For all certified staff: 15 hours of professional development must be completed outside of contract time yearly between May 1 of the previous year and June 30.
  • For all certified staff: professional development should be completed yearly in order to meet state renewal requirements within a goal of 36 hours for five year renewal periods to meet the 180 hour renewal requirement and 27 hours to meet the 270 hours for ten year renewal periods.
  • For CTE: active certification in CPR and First Aid
  • For Science 6-12: Active certification in Flinn Science Lab Safety
  • For New Special Education Teachers: IEP Writing and Progress Monitoring Training
  • For All Teachers Who Work With Students With IEPs: Training in Meaningful Participation in IEP Meetings 
  • For New Teachers: New Teacher Academy, and other ongoing new teacher training
  • Cultural competency training: Each school board shall adopt and implement policies that require each teacher and any other school board employee holding a license issued by the Board to complete cultural competency training, in accordance with guidance issued by the Board, at least every two years. This training requirement goes into effect for the 2022-2023 school year. An addendum will be forthcoming. Please visit the VDOE Website for more information. 

VDOE Licensure Requirements:

  • Every person seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license must complete 1) Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Intervention 2) Dyslexia Awareness 3) Hands-On CPR/AED and First Aid Certification  4) Cultural Competency and 5) 180 hours of professional development for five year renewal periods, 270 hours for ten year renewal periods.
  • Endorsed to teach (i) Middle school civics and economics or (ii) high school government or history must complete the Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module.
  • School counselor endorsed employees must complete Youth Mental Health and First Aid Training.
  • History and Social Science endorsed must complete instruction in African American History
  • School Counselor Endorsed employees must complete Youth Mental Health and First Aid Training.