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VDOE Domains of Professional Competency

Domains of Professional Competency

The substance or content of each renewal activity must be consistent with the license holder's goal(s) for professional development and must clearly fit one or more of six domains of professional competency in education. License holders should choose, and advisors should verify, only those activities whose substance is clearly included within one or more of the following domains of professional growth:

  1. Curriculum- or subject(s) specifically related to one's assigned professional duties or responsibilities;
  2. Specialization area one serves or reasonably expects to serve, such as English, mathematics, history and social studies, sciences, career and technical education, or special education;
  3. Concepts, principles, and methods of effective teaching, supervision, and administration, such as classroom and behavior management, leadership skills, curriculum development, and administrative management;
  4. Concepts and principles of physical, intellectual, psychological, social, and emotional development of children and youth;
  5. Concepts and principles of communication, learning, exceptionality, individuality, and cultural differences, such as oral and written communication, motivation, retention, and individual differences; and
  6. Concepts and principles of effective relationships among schools, families, and communities.